SMRT MOUTH - Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

We are dedicated to protecting and respecting your internet browsing privacy.

By using our website you consent to the way in which the website collects and uses information, as described within this policy.

Personal Data Collection

Navigation and demographic data is captured by Google Analytics and Google Analytics Advertising Features as well as Facebook. Data is collected via Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers, in addition to data collected through a standard Google Analytics implementation.
Google Analytics Advertising Features being used are that of Demographics and Interest Reporting.
If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics tracking, see this link: Google Analytics Opt-Out
For more information regarding analytics advertising features, see this link: Analytics Advertising Features

Facebook conversion tracking technologies may be used to collect data such as event data.
For more information regarding opting out of the collection of information used for ad targeting, visit: About Ads: Ad Choices

Personal information such as name, email address, and sports interests are collected (optionally) by this website.

Use of Your Data

Browsing and event data is used by Google and Google Analytics as well as Facebook. This data is analyzed by this website in order to direct the focus and development of our company and website.

Registration data is used by this website in order to allow private access to our users as well as email correspondence. Interest data such as sports and localities is also used to help direct the focus and development of our company and website.

Team registration data, pledge data, and public profile data and images provided by you are used to publicly display profiles showing your participation and engagement with the site (sensitive information such as email addresses and phone numbers will not be publicly distributed or sold and are used for communication and verification purposes only).

Anonymously aggregated data such as location information may be used to show the public where our supporters are local to or what kind of users our supporters are (such as Football enthusiasts).

Data Owners

Data is owned by and any related legal entities.

Data Shared with Third Parties

  • Google and Google Analytics
  • Facebook


Cookies may be used on our site to better your experience. We operate using an implied consent policy meaning that we assume you approve of such practices. If you do not approve, then do not use our site, delete the cookies, or browse using a anonymous or temporary session browser such as the Incognito Chrome Browser.

Our Cookies

Cookies set by our website directly.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics are captured from our site by using JavaScript scripts and tags on our pages. These tags and scripts are not populated with personally identifiable information on our behalf.

Session State

It is possible that we might store cookies in order to preserve session states in order to enhance your browsing experience. These session state cookies are used for such purposes as keeping you logged in or saving form entry progress data.

Third Party Cookies & Similar Technologies

Cookies set by other websites.

External services used by our website may store cookies on your device using scripts that are not directly under our control. Other similar technologies such as web beacons to collect and receive information from our website as well as other websites. These cookies and technologies most likely track your browsing activity around the web on many other websites, not just our own. Information collected via these technologies may be used to provide measurement services and target ads.

Third party websites that set such cookies that are associated with the use of our website are as follows:

  • Facebook (for services/widgets such as the "Like" button, Sharing buttons, Pixel tags)
  • Twitter (for services such as a sharing button)

This privacy and cookie policy as well as the terms of use of this website may change at any point in time without notice. By visiting this site you consent to our terms and policies.